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The Elbow specialists at Community Orthopedic Medical Group specialize in state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of elbow disorders. Many of these problems can be treated with non-surgical approaches such as medications, injections, and therapy. When surgery is indicated, advanced and minimally invasive procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and without a hospital stay in most cases.

Tennis Elbow Img

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a common name for the elbow condition lateral epicondylitis. It is an overuse injury that causes inflammation and microtears of the tendons that attach to the lateral epicondyle.

Golfer’s Elbow Img

Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s Elbow is a chronic condition that causes frequent dislocation of the shoulder joint.

Elbow Sprain Img

Elbow Sprain

An elbow sprain is an injury to the soft tissues of the elbow. It is caused due to stretching or tearing (partial or full) of the ligaments that support the elbow joint.

Elbow Fracture Img

Elbow Fracture

Elbow fractures may occur from trauma, resulting from various reasons: a fall on an outstretched arm, a direct blow to the elbow or an abnormal twist to the joint beyond its functional limit.

Elbow Arthroscopy Img

Elbow Arthroscopy

Elbow arthroscopy, also referred to as keyhole or minimally invasive surgery, is a surgical procedure that is performed through tiny incisions to evaluate and treat several elbow conditions.

Elbow Joint Replacement Img

Elbow Joint Replacement

Elbow Joint Replacements are commonly caused by acute injuries or degenerative changes that occur slowly with age or overuse. Community orthopedic medical group provides diagnosis and individualized nonoperative and operative treatments


  • Kent S. Marangi, M.D.
    Kent S. Marangi, M.D. Orthopedic SurgeonSports Medicine Specialist
  • John R. Morris, M.D.
    John R. Morris, M.D.Orthopedic SurgeonHand and Upper Extremity Specialist
  • Evan M. Guerrero, M.D.
    Evan M. Guerrero, M.D.Orthopedic SurgeonHand and Upper Extremity Specialist
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