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Local grateful patient seeks spine specialist

After his chronic lower back pain suddenly worsened, a local grateful patient sought spine specialist Dr. Michael Burdi’s help. “I remember I had a really bad cold and every cough was agony. I needed an expert.”

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Veena Gets a New Knee

A long-term fitness regimen and deep spiritual belief helped this 82-year-old recover quickly after surgery.

When Veena Grover was working in her husband’s medical practice and helping her children with their studies (two are now doctors and one is a lawyer), the pressure was getting to her. "I needed a change," she remembers, "so I started doing tae kwon do"- the Korean martial art-"and ultimately teaching it. I did that for 10 years and then I started getting into yoga."

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Road to Recovery

For a Santa Barbara woman, distance is no object when it means receiving the best orthopedic care.

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ZBEdge™ Dynamic Intelligence™ Science Fiction Video

Introduction to ZBEdge from surgeons' perspectives. Hear how ZBEdge technologies are delivering what was once considered 'science fiction'.

James B. Chen MD maximizes the use of technology in the total knee replacement surgery to customize and enhance patient care at HOI’s California Specialty Surgery Center (CSSC).

The Zimmer ROSA robot is used to accurately execute a customized approach to each patient and when combining Persona IQ smart implant, patients can continue to benefit from advances in care delivery far beyond the day of care.

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