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Community Orthopedic Medical Group has a full team of physicians and medical support staff trained in the treatment of broken bones.  The medical term for a broken bone is called a “fracture”.  An x-ray is used to determine the type of fracture a patient has sustained.  A fracture can be treated in various ways depending on the type of fracture.

Non-Displaced Fractures

When a fracture occurs, many times the bone or bones remain in their normal position. This type of fracture is called a “non-displaced” fracture.  Most non-displaced fractures can be treated in our office.  The treatment includes immobilization with a cast, brace or other product designed to protect the healing fracture and make the patient comfortable.  The patient will be scheduled for a series of follow up appointments to check the progress of the healing.

Displaced Fractures

Some injuries cause the bones to shift out of their normal position when the fracture occurs.  This type of fracture is called a “displaced” fracture.  Displaced fractures require the physician to perform a procedure to put the bone or bones back in a normal position.  Sometimes this procedure can be done in the office and other times it is performed in a surgical facility.   For some displaced fractures, an internal device like a pin or screw is needed to make sure the bone stays in place after the procedure.   This type of procedure is done at a surgical facility.  After the procedure, the patient is usually placed in a cast or brace.

Community Orthopedic Medical Group has been treating fractures for over 30 years.   Each patient is evaluated to find the find the best course of treatment for their particular injury.  This evaluation includes an x-ray to determine the extent of the fracture.  Our entire medical staff including our x-ray department and cast room staff are dedicated to making each patient as comfortable as possible throughout their treatment.   We use state-of-the-art casting materials and techniques to make sure each patient is as comfortable as possible during the healing process.

If you have had an injury and wish an evaluation, please call our office and describe your injury.  We give priority appointments to patients who have suffered an acute injury and possible fracture.   Our physicians are available for work in appointments and are on call for emergencies after normal business hours.  

For more information on different types of fractures, the Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons has a Patient Information section on their website.

Community Orthopedic Medical Group has a full team of physicians and medical support staff trained in the treatment of different types of fractures such as

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