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Reconstructive Joint Surgery | Replacement

The COMG medical team always works with patients to achieve prevention therapies or treatments.

Millions of Americans suffer from joint injury and joint pain. The vast majority are of course successfully treated by non-operative means such as rest, ice, medication, therapeutic exercise, physical therapy; splinting and simply the "tincture of time". However, injury, repetitive hard use, genetics, and other disease processes can lead to irreversible joint deterioration with associated debilitating pain and stiffness. In such cases, surgical joint replacement may become an option.

Joint replacements are available for the following joints:

  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Wrist
  • Ankle
  • Fingers 

As the active "Baby Boomers" generation ages, joint replacements are becoming much more common. These surgeries enable people to shed their disability and dysfunction in favor of an active, functional and happy lifestyle. Also, today's technology has resulted in superior and more wear-resistant materials such as advanced metal alloys, and highly-resilient plastic and ceramics which gives the doctors added confidence in offering such surgeries to an increasingly younger population.

Also, advanced medical knowledge and techniques have resulted not only in longer lasting artificial joints but also in fewer complications, less pain, shorter hospital stays, and an overall quicker recovery.

Your COMG orthopedic surgeons are an integral part of the multi-disciplinary total joint program at Mission Hospital; recognized for its remarkable achievements in the delivery of efficient and patient-friendly care.

The orthopedic surgeons at COMG keep abreast of all the latest trends, techniques and advances in joint replacement surgery. You can be assured that your COMG orthopedic surgeons are not only up to date, they are also keen on being sure that the treatment you are offered meets the highest standards of evidence-based best practices. Our joint replacement orthopedic surgeons are dedicated to the best possible outcome with the highest possible patient satisfaction.




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